Turhan Software

Get to know us a little better.

We offer a wide range of design and development services that are all delivered using the latest and greatest technologies with a personal experience. Our goal is to provide our customers the means to effectively present and market themselves online successfully. We strategically help build your brand, improve your global web presence, and develop more meaningful relationships with your customers.

We're Serious About Project Management

Do you know of another creative agency that developed their own in-house systems to better serve their clients? We did, because we're passionate about managing projects smartly and working efficiently just as much as we're passionate about being creative. Our operations are built on proprietary processes and systems that manage our work flow, client communications & approvals, guide the creative and technical development and ensure that our clients receive superior results on time and on budget. It also allows us to seamlessly up-scale our operations to adjust for heavier work loads. Our increased internal efficiencies result in lower costs of operation, which we in turn pass on to our clients.

A Personal Approach

Our seasoned, talented and versatile team is involved in every aspect of the creative and technical development process. We bring a fresh approach and maximum return to any marketing effort, focusing on producing exceptional results as a top priority. We're a group of highly talented individuals with diverse skill sets, friendly faces, positive attitudes and a common desire to help our clients succeed.

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We built our business around the idea that clients would rather deal with one capable partner for all their marketing, creative and technical development needs than have to deal with managing multiple partners, vendors and consultants.

When it comes to creative services, we have it all under one roof. Graphic design, print, video production, web development, social media, photography and strategy each at a level equal to or better than others who specialize in just one area.

Getting To Know You

We didn't get to where we are without an important skill - listening to our clients. We listen, we learn and we get to know and understand your business. It lets us create solutions that are on the mark, and it allows us to be better, work faster, create more effective solutions at a less expensive cost.